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Staggering Numbers
3,000,000,000: Abandoned tires in the US.
300,000,000: Additional tires abandoned every year.
8,500,000: Gallons of gasoline lost daily in the US to underinflated tires.
4,500,000: Additional tires purchased per year as a result of under inflation.
250,000: Vehicle accidents each year caused by improperly inflated tires.
43,500: Number of Highway fatalities each year.
25,000: Number of lives proper inflation could save each year.
90: Percentage of all tire blowouts caused from under inflation.
85: Percent of drivers that do not regularly check their air pressure.
50: Percentage of all emergency road calls that are in response to tire failures.
30: Percent improvement in tire life TIM can provide.
20: Percentage total vehicle ownership cost that tires represent.
10: Percentage of fuel savings that can be achieved with TIM.
3: Number of people out of 4 that wash their cars every month.
1: Number of people out of 7 that check their tire pressure every month.
0: The cost of a membership in The TIM Auto Club.
Gallons of Gasoline Lost to
Under Inflation So Far Today:
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Vehicle Accidents Caused by
Under Inflated Tires this year:
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