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At the very least your participation will increase your fuel economy, tire life and safety and reduce your carbon foot print. Plus your membership in the TIM Auto Club will provide you with FREE Roadside Assistance, Towing and other benefits, should you experience a flat tire or tire failure.
If you are a "typical" vehicle owner, you probably haven't been correcting your tire pressure every month - over 85% of us don't. Letting it go for just a few months though can lead to severely diminished tire wear and fuel economy. According to industry experts, ignoring this simple procedure can cause your fuel economy to plummet by 10%, and your tires to wear out up to 30% faster. With these figures in mind, use this calculator to help put a dollar figure to what TIM can do for your pocketbook.
How much will TIM save you this year?
And there's more, much more. While saving money is great, it is but the tip of the iceberg, a rapidly melting iceberg. The impact under inflation has on our environment is mind boggling. Americans alone waste over 8.5 million gallons of gasoline each day due to under inflated tires. That's a whopping 3.1 BILLION, yes, billion with a "B," gallons of gasoline each year. It takes approximately 2.16 gallons of oil to produce one gallon of gasoline. So, if we're counting oil, were up to 6.7 billion gallons of crude through our exhaust pipes alone - so far, because it doesn't stop here. Unfortunately, we're just getting started. Studies also indicate that 9 million additional replacement tires per year are purchased as a result of premature wear from under inflation. Scratch a little deeper and you'll learn it takes 7 gallons of crude oil to produce a single passenger car tire -- that's another 63,000,000 gallons of oil each year. We've already exceeded the capacity of most calculators and we haven't even left the oil field.
What happens to all of the prematurely worn out tires we mentioned? About 3 billion of them are currently stock piled throughout our country today with another 300 million being scraped annually. Scrap tires are a true environmental nightmare. They are next to impossible to extinguish fire hazard, they trap rainwater which can breed mosquitoes and disease and they are bulky, virtually indestructible hazards that often work their way up to the surface of landfills after burial. And, of course, there's more: You know all of those big tow trucks you see running around town? It probably safe to assume they are not the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road, and 50% of the service calls you see them headed to are for tire-related issues – 85% of which are the result of under inflation. President Barak Obama, during his '08 campaign for the presidency, indicated that our country could eliminate our dependency on foreign oil if all Americans simply maintained their tire pressure. We agree, and hope you will do your part. As a reward for your efforts, your TIM Dealer will provide you with a FREE membership in the TIM Auto Club including complimentary 24/7 Towing and Roadside Assistance for any flat tire or covered tire related issue, and much more.
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